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Adventure Sports HQ combines the industry’s leading equipment with proven business models and comprehensive training programs to help you in your journey to launch a highly profitable, simple, and fun to operate micro business opportunity.

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Home of the world’s best-selling tactical laser tag gear

“Built to last.  These things ain’t toys!”

Razorback Laser Tag Gun

Adventure Sports HQ introduces the Razorback S fully composite tactical laser tag gun

XM-7 Skinny Laser Tag Gun for Laser Tag Rentals and Mobile Laser Tag Businesses

Super Skinny Laser Tag Gun

T-22 Raptor Laser Tag Carbine

Mp-5 Stinger Tactical Laser Tag Gun

M4 Tactical Laser Tag Sniper Rifle

AK47 Laser Tag Gun

Laser Tag Equipment Chariot - “The best laser tag business on two wheels!”

50 Cal Laser Tag Gun

Laser Tag Equipment Bundles

Not sure where to start?  We have created a variety of laser equipment bundles targeted specifically to match your business goals and help you launch your laser tag business quickly and profitably. 

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Adventure Sports HQ been making the world's most durable equipment for nearly 15 years with close to 1400 active clients spanning the globe.