3 Advantages of Outdoor Laser Tag

Laser tag is one of those technological games that, as soon as technology made it possible, was never going to go away. It combines tag, perhaps the most basic of childhood games, with a game of war that no one can claim they didn’t get shot in. While laser tag in the past involved bulky, heavy equipment that was as much of a struggle as ducking for cover, today’s models are smooth, sleek, and rugged enough to be used in all kinds of fields.3 Advantages of Outdoor Laser TagWhich is why outdoor laser tag is becoming so popular. If you need more reasons to invest in outdoor laser tag, though, consider the following advantages.

#1: Outdoor Arenas Take Less Maintenance

Ask anyone who’s ever tried to play tag indoors what the negatives are, and the top of the list is going to be how cramped everything is. Building a big enough indoor arena for a solid game of laser tag is going to be costly, and maintaining it is going to be even more costly.

#2: There’s Less Investment

Indoor laser tag takes a lot of up-front investment. Outdoor laser tagless so. Because while you still have to buy the equipment, and maintain it, that’s essentially all you need to play the game at that point. As long as the field is safe, and clearly marked, you can turn players loose at that point.

#3: It’s Portable

With indoor laser tag, the established location is a baked-in part of the experience. However, outdoor laser tag tends to be more flexible, and more mobile. This allows you to expand beyond a single site with relative ease, and to change the location of your arena with a relatively small amount of pre-planning. Thanks to the latest technology, your business can go into the field, rather than expect all of your customers to come to you.

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