5 Fun Outdoor Laser Tag Games

There are dozens of fun-filled outdoor laser games, so if you’re looking to change things up consider playing the following.

5 Fun Outdoor Laser Tag GamesCapture the Flag

One of the most popular outdoor laser tag games is Capture the Flag. As the name suggests, this involves two teams who compete to capture the opposing team’s flag at opposite ends of the playing field. After picking up the flag, the player must then bring it back to his or her own base to score.


Elimination is a classic laser tag game that’s played either as a free-for-all or with teams. When a player is tagged a specified number of times, he or she is eliminated and removed from the game. The player or team remaining after all hostile forces have been tagged is the winner.

King of the Hill

Also known as Domination, King of the Hill is a fast-paced laser tag game in which two teams compete to capture and hold a specific area for as long as possible. The longer a team holds the hill, the more points they will accumulate. The team with the most points wins King of the Hill.


A fan-favorite outdoor laser tag game is Juggernaut. Normally, this game consists of an overpowered player, known as the Juggernaut, versus everyone else. The Juggernaut has perks giving him or her a competitive edge, such as increased health, more damage output, faster fire rate, longer firing distances, etc. The Juggernaut earns points the longer he or she remains.

Escort the VIP

There are several variations of Escort the VIP, each of which has subtle nuances. Most, however, consist of two teams: an escort team, who’s tasked with escorting the VIP to a specific location, and an assassin team, who’s tasked with assassinating the VIP before he or she reaches their destination.

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