5 Reasons Why Laser Tag is Better Than Paintball

Can’t seem to choose between paintball or laser tag? Here are five undeniable reasons why laser tag is better.

5 Reasons Why Laser Tag is Better Than Paintball
#1) Hits are Automatically Tracked

With paintball, hits are typically tracked manually, with either the player or a referee announcing them. Of course, this often results in some hits going unnoticed (or intentionally unannounced). Laser tag differs, however, since it uses a networked computer system to automatically track hits, ensuring every successful hit is tracked.

#2) It’s Safer

The risk of injury from paintball is relatively low. According to a study published by the Minnesota Paintball Association, roughly 20 injuries occur per 100,000 players annually. Nonetheless, injuries do occur, most of which involve the eye. Since laser tag guns don’t shoot physical projectiles, there’s virtually no risk of injury, making it even safer than its counterpart.

#3) You Can Play Laser Tag Indoors

Unlike paintball, you can play laser tag both outdoors and indoors. This opens the doors to a whole new world of laser tagging opportunities. If you have a large basement, for instance, you can turn it into a laser tag battlefield — something that cannot be said for paintball.

#4) It Doesn’t Stain Your Clothes

You can usually tell if someone has played paintball by looking at his or her clothes. Paintballs leave large bright-colored stains that may or may not come out from washing alone. Laser tag, on the other hand, leaves no stains behind.

#5) You Don’t Have to Buy Ammo

Playing paintball on a regular basis can quickly burn a hole in your wallet, especially if you have an automatic or otherwise fast-firing gun. But with laser tag, you don’t have to worry about the cost or inconvenience of buying ammo.

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