The Best in Realistic Laser Tag Adventures

The thrill of laser tag has never been more advanced or realistic, making for an amazing experience that can be suited for adventurers of all different ages. Safer than paintball and more engaging than video games, laser tag throws you into the middle of exciting competitions of your own choosing, allowing you to control the refs and the equipment while creating the perfect custom group activity. With a wide range of different laser guns and game scenarios, Adventure Sports HQ ensures the highest quality in realistic laser tag currently available.

The Best in Realistic Laser TagFormerly just a game to be played in a cramped obstacle course, state-of-the-art modern laser tag equipment has allowed an explosion of options for players of all ages and experience levels. Classic games like King of the Hill and Capture the Flag are only the beginning of the many ways to play laser tag these days. Laser gun options like the XM-7 Skinny, Razorback S, T-22 Raptor and much more also give players a wealth of choices for laser combat. Although Adventure Sports HQ specializes in creating realistic laser tag scenarios, groups can also choose zombie apocalypse platforms and water games as well, allowing an operator to reach even more prospective players.

Unlike paintball, laser tag by Adventure Sports HQ even has an impartial computer network as a referee, which also allows an operator to instantly program up to 100 different guns at a time. With an ability to provide fairness and safety without the hassle of messy clothes, laser tag offers an easier starting point for a beginner while still appealing to advanced players looking for a more intense experience. As laser tag continues to take-off all over the country, Adventure Sports HQ has all the equipment and experience to help you create the perfect laser tag competition.

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