Adventure Sports HQ is the manufacturer of the most popular laser tag equipment in the world. Originally designed for outdoor play, Adventure Sports gear can be used indoor, outdoor or anywhere.

Our equipment has been installed on over 700 fields and operators on six continents.

Adventure Sports HQ Laser Tag Gear is:

  • Simple and Easy to Operator
  • Flexible and Allows for Quick Game Changes
  • Durable and Built to Last
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Built by a Veteran-Owned Company


  • All taggers standardly come with a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defect.
  • Warranty does not cover abuse, misuse, loss, or theft.
  • Warranty is non-transferable.
  • Warranty does not include batteries or sensors (gun sensors and head sensor sets).
  • Scopes and battery chargers are covered by their own manufacturer’s warranty, not by Adventure Sports.
  • Customer is responsible for shipping on all warranty repair and replacement items.
  • In order to receive warranty replacement parts, the defective parts must be returned to Adventure Sports.

See the Adventure Sports HQ Line Up:
Laser Tag Guns & Equipment

Basic Equipment

Basic equipment is designed for outdoor play and all ages. The XM-7 Skinny is our flagship Basic Tagger. It’s non-military looks and light weight make it an ideal choice for younger players.

Basic level equipment can perform well for a variety of players. You can set critical variables including life, damage, clip size, reload time, fire rate, range and more.

Basic taggers can interact (tag and receive tags) with Advanced and Advanced RF gear.


Our Advanced ProCode equipment offers a wider range of features and power settings than the basic equipment. The more realistic weapons are designed with older players in mind.

Advanced equipment offers individually named taggers which allows for tracking of hit information.

Advanced taggers can interact with Basic and RF gear.


Our most technically advanced equipment is our RF or Radio Frequency line. RF is an add-on available for most of our ProCode taggers.

RF allows for communication between taggers over the built-in radio. This information can include hit feedback, referee controls and scoring information.

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