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Build Your Laser Tag Business using Adventures Sports HQ’s proven 3 Steps to Success:  

Choose Your Business Model     |     Choose Your Business Focus (Audience)     |    Choose Your Engagement Level  |   Match Your Budget and Get Started!

Adventure Sports HQ micro business opportunities allow you to run a fun and enjoyable business on your time and schedule. We offer three main styles of engagement levels for all types. Each engagement level is specifically focused for fast return on investment and to equip you with taggers and instruction so you can go harvest your target market from day one.

The three engagement levels are:

Part time engagement is for the professional that is looking to run a business that totally is on his time or schedule. It can focus on big events like conventions and trade shows to birthday parties. This package can generate a lot of income while making sure nothing interferes with your life style and quality of life. A part-time owner plans to book as few as 10 events per year.
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Weekend Warrior engagement is for the professional that is looking for a weekend business starting Friday afternoon that can power incredible cash and help transition out of the corporate world or military. We see a lot of IT professional and firefighters in the engagement level. This allows you to use your time for the week as primary income in your main job or career! A weekend warrior plan to book as few as 30 events per year.
Start a Weekend Laser Tag Business


Full time business engagement level is those professionals that know they are going to take this micro business opportunity to the bank. It allows them to have all week to market and build there business at an accelerated pace and watch the profits flow in. We see alit of land developers, realtors and business people that need to invest large sums of money for tax reasons at the end of the year. This engagement level can easily take operators into a low to mid- six figures range. A full-time entrepreneur plans to book as many as 50+ events per year.

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