Tagger Features

Variable Programmable Game-Play Settings

Variable programable game play gives you the field owner the ability to control all the parameters of the game, mission or event. In this industry one wrong setting can mean the difference between success and failure. By having a fully digital program signal, Adventure Sports HQ equipment allows you the flexibility to control every variable of the game while using a simple user-friendly interface that lets you program hundreds of taggers in seconds.

The following are a few of the features that can be programmed in a few short button presses:

    • Zone ID
    • Team ID
    • Sounds
    • Muzzle Flash
    • Friendly Fire
    • Life/ Health Points
    • Armor
    • Unlimited Lips
    • Rounds Per Clip
    • Number of Clips
    • Fire Selector Mode
    • Time Between Reloads
    • Damage Per Round
    • Rate of Fire
    • Hit Delay
    • Barrel Overheat
    • Death Delay
    • Game Length in Minutes
    • Many, Many, Others

The above features all allow you to customize every game to your personal preferences. Every mission will have different settings and parameters. When you find your favorite settings sweet spots all you have to do is use save setting and it will stay permanently in memory till you go in and change it. Our system is so advanced that you can even save multiple game settings in the tagger concurrently allowing you to have several favorite game modes stored up at one time. This is the number one area potential field owners make purchasing errors. Find out what the system can truly do or what is cant do as many manufacturers? cases may be.

Beware wolves in sheep’s clothing that woo you with marketing and videos sell you gear and forget they ever did business with you. Those companies exist and strike on a daily basis. Our equipment is so advanced we can program 100 taggers fully in less than 2 minutes!

    • Variable Range Tagger Settings

      Variable range simply means is that you can dial up the distance that you can shoot or dial it up if you need more range. This is critical. With other companies you cannot change the range of their equipment without adding some cumbersome add on piece that falls off constantly and has to be tracked. Adventure Sports HQ equipment deals with range change in the software. We can be full range outdoors one second and be indoors with no bounce shooting fifty feet in the other. This is another reason why everyone purchases our equipment. It is truly adaptable and what you see is all you get, like other manufacturers.

      This means Adventure Sports HQ taggers can truly play indoors without any infrared bounce. Yes we mean zero. The other manufacturers beam can’t change the strength so they are always at full power. Meaning when indoors they take a beam meant for 500 feet in bright sunlight and fire it indoors. The beam ricochets everywhere and you experience bounce. Bounce destroys any indoor games or any potential for close quarter combat. We met this challenge head on and whipped it for our field owners. Needless to say it has been a total win-win for our company.

    • Friend or Foe Detection System

      Friendly fire turned off means a player on the same team cannot hit their team-mates. This is very important in tight close battles and younger players mixed with older players. This is the biggest complaint in Laser tag / Laser Skirmish / Laser Combat. This is the number one reason to buy our equipment. We are the only equipment in the world that can turn friendly fire on/off.

    • Tagger Cloning

      Tagger cloning is a unique feature offered by Adventure Sports HQ in its equipment. It allows any tagger to be used with a master key to edit and change settings and clone other taggers. This is also another feature that is worth buying the system by itself. Most equipment requires feature changes to be done at the individual tagger level by inserting a key and going though each system setting manually. These take lots of time and even more makes your players irritated. All data is transmitted over the infrared link so no cables are required. The cloning function is also used to assign Team IDs and to synchronize the global parameters on each tagger.

    • True Near-Miss Digital Detection System

      Near miss detection system separates the wannabe system from true professional systems. A near miss is when a player is close enough to be in proximity of hitting a player. It allows the player to experience as close to the actual combat experience without real bullets. The rush of moving across and area and know that you were a half step from buying the farm is priceless. This truly makes the experience realistic and life like. Any system that has to explain why it doesn’t have near miss technology simply doesn’t possess the technology to do so. Put plainly all major military simulation systems have near miss technology so why should yours not have it. Players love it. It is a must have!

    • Dual Zone Concurrent Game Play

      Dual zone game play simply means playing 2 battlefields simultaneously within close proximity. Unlike paintball and other sports laser taggers uses light not a true projectile. Light travels very far and ultra fast. In the past field owners had to put great distances between fields or erect a very costly fully enclosed wall system to block the light. At present Adventure Sports HQ is the only manufacturer who has this unique dual zone technology. At Adventure Sports HQ we realize that space is money. Many events such as fairs and indoor arenas don’t offer huge areas to play. Without this technology field owners leave thousands on the table every day. If the system does not have dual field capability you should think long and hard. A few dollars saved will cost you thousands in the very near future.

    • ¬†Dual Sound Options

      Each tagger has both sci-fi noises and real modern day military sounds. Every time you shoot, reload, get hit or deactivate the tagger, a readily identifiable sound can be heard.

    • Full Self-Diagnostic System

      A self-diagnostic system checks everything internally and tells you whether the equipment is full functional or not. Most equipment on the market today does not have a self-diagnostic system. Usually it is a player telling you his gun doesn’t fire after playing with it for an hour. Generating a refund or a very unhappy player that tells everyone how bad your equipment is. Adventure Sports equipment has a complete self-diagnostic system telling you what does and doesn’t work, saving you hours of troubleshooting and thousands of dollars of lost potential revenue from upset players.

    • Dual Color Software Enabled Muzzle Flash

      On our Advanced Code Guns, this feature allows each individual team to fire a separate muzzle flash color. On our Basic Code Guns, the flashes may only be red. The muzzle flash is what a player see when a player is firing a tagger at them. This actually gives you the ability to have night or low light level games. It allows players to see if they are being attacked by the other team. It also if fully software programmable and only can be switched by cloning or a marshal switching his team color. A player does not have the ability to switch his own team color. This is another small benefit of a truly digital tagger. Little differences add up and are one of the many keys to your field’s success!

    • Independent Tagger Stats

      Independent tagger stats is a unique feature in Adventure Sports laser game equipment that allows you to see who hit or near missed you last. At the end of a game it gives you several parameters to see how well you played. Several of the parameters are how many times and who hit you. How much medical, ammo, flag stations and time extensions you used during the games. How many rounds you fired and how long you were in the game to name just a few. This is important because it lets your player have feedback on the game they just played. Maybe their friend had the handle Rambo and lets him see how many times he was hit by Rambo and allowing him to look on his friend’s tagger to see how many time he paid him back!

    • Built in LCD Battery Meter With Low Power Audio Alarm

      It is easy to ensure that 10 or even 15 taggers are charged but when you have 30 or more tagger charging is your biggest headache. Adventure Sports equipment has a build in batter meter what allow you within a few seconds to visually check on the taggers LCD screen the batteries health and life. If a tagger is running critically low on power the tagger will begin to beep to get a marshals attention for a battery charge or a player equipment swap out. This is very important because the nature of this equipment on low battery power is very fickle. Generally only seasoned operators can notice the symptoms of a low battery on older equipment. When batteries start to die sensor can take self-hits and players can play many games without realizing that their tagger cannot hit another opponent or there range has dwindled significantly. This alone has caused many players to not return and rebook or play again. Clearly another reason why it is important for field owners to make the right purchase decision.

    • True Digital Referee Master Control Tagger

      The referee master controller is a must have for any system. If the system you are looking at purchasing does not offer it, walk away fast. The master controller is both a safety device and a referee control utility. This master controller device enables a referee to reset any setting in the touch of the button. It has the awesome ability to reset players, pause players, deactivate players, restore ammunition, and check sensors all during play. This device even has the range of a normal tagger allowing you to use fewer marshals on your battlefield allowing a higher profit margin. In safety situations you can deactivate a player before he gets into that dangerous situation. Our referee master control tagger even gives you the ability to download scores from individual taggers and print them through a small portable computer or printer. This is one of the main advantages of a truly digital system. One piece of equipment that has the power to increase profitability, player satisfaction and give you total control over your battlefield, all within a few button presses. Priceless!