Laser Tag Equipment: The Accessories Are What Make The Game Unique

Laser tag, as a game, requires only a few basics. Each player needs a gun, and some sort of way to detect hits (usually, though not always, in the form of a vest). Once you’ve got that covered, you’re ready to play the game. As with any other game, though, it’s the accessories that can really be the icing on the cake for the experience. So if you want to create a laser tag event players won’t soon forget, it helps to go the extra mile.

Laser Tag Equipment: The Accessories Are What Make The Game Unique

Spare Ammo, Health Kits, and Respawn Points

Some people strive for realism in their laser tag games. In these games, the guns are shaped more like real-world weapons than something out of a 1920s pulp sci-fi novel, and they have a realistic heft to them. One way to increase that experience is to use ammo pick-ups. This means players have to stay on the move, and they need to find resources in order to come out victorious.

Additionally, you can create health kits and re-spawn points for your game. While this might give it the air of a video game, it also adds layers of complexity to your match. Players have to deal with a health score, and they have to find ways to heal if they ran through a hail of fire. And if they’re down and out, finding a re-spawn lets them get back in the action.

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Realistic Laser Tag Immersion Draws A Crowd

Remember when you were a kid, and you played war, or cops and robbers? You probably had squirt guns, Nerf weapons, or cap guns, depending on how old you are. And while the games were fun, the tools you had to work with often got in the way of sinking completely into the role you were playing.  That’s where realistic laser tag immersion comes in to save the day.

Realistic Laser Tag: Immersion Draws A Crowd

Laser tag solves a lot of problems when it comes to war games, which is why it’s remained a popular diversion. The most prominent difficulty it solves is that the technology keeps track of when someone has or hasn’t been shot. However, another problem that modern laser tag systems handle is the one mentioned above; immersion.

Realistic Laser Tag: Immersion Draws A Crowd

Realistic laser tag is great for players who want immersion, which is what happens when you can lose yourself in the fantasy of the game. If a laser tag weapon has a realistic look, a realistic weight, and a realistic function, then the prop can track a player’s brain into thinking the scenario they’re in is real. Or, at least, real enough that they can get fully into character and enjoy the game without constantly being yanked back to the reality that it is all a game. Until the ending whistle blows, anyway.

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3 Advantages of Outdoor Laser Tag

Laser tag is one of those technological games that, as soon as technology made it possible, was never going to go away. It combines tag, perhaps the most basic of childhood games, with a game of war that no one can claim they didn’t get shot in. While laser tag in the past involved bulky, heavy equipment that was as much of a struggle as ducking for cover, today’s models are smooth, sleek, and rugged enough to be used in all kinds of fields.3 Advantages of Outdoor Laser TagWhich is why outdoor laser tag is becoming so popular. If you need more reasons to invest in outdoor laser tag, though, consider the following advantages.

#1: Outdoor Arenas Take Less Maintenance

Ask anyone who’s ever tried to play tag indoors what the negatives are, and the top of the list is going to be how cramped everything is. Building a big enough indoor arena for a solid game of laser tag is going to be costly, and maintaining it is going to be even more costly.

#2: There’s Less Investment

Indoor laser tag takes a lot of up-front investment. Outdoor laser tagless so. Because while you still have to buy the equipment, and maintain it, that’s essentially all you need to play the game at that point. As long as the field is safe, and clearly marked, you can turn players loose at that point.

#3: It’s Portable

With indoor laser tag, the established location is a baked-in part of the experience. However, outdoor laser tag tends to be more flexible, and more mobile. This allows you to expand beyond a single site with relative ease, and to change the location of your arena with a relatively small amount of pre-planning. Thanks to the latest technology, your business can go into the field, rather than expect all of your customers to come to you.

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The Best in Realistic Laser Tag Adventures

The thrill of laser tag has never been more advanced or realistic, making for an amazing experience that can be suited for adventurers of all different ages. Safer than paintball and more engaging than video games, laser tag throws you into the middle of exciting competitions of your own choosing, allowing you to control the refs and the equipment while creating the perfect custom group activity. With a wide range of different laser guns and game scenarios, Adventure Sports HQ ensures the highest quality in realistic laser tag currently available.

The Best in Realistic Laser TagFormerly just a game to be played in a cramped obstacle course, state-of-the-art modern laser tag equipment has allowed an explosion of options for players of all ages and experience levels. Classic games like King of the Hill and Capture the Flag are only the beginning of the many ways to play laser tag these days. Laser gun options like the XM-7 Skinny, Razorback S, T-22 Raptor and much more also give players a wealth of choices for laser combat. Although Adventure Sports HQ specializes in creating realistic laser tag scenarios, groups can also choose zombie apocalypse platforms and water games as well, allowing an operator to reach even more prospective players.

Unlike paintball, laser tag by Adventure Sports HQ even has an impartial computer network as a referee, which also allows an operator to instantly program up to 100 different guns at a time. With an ability to provide fairness and safety without the hassle of messy clothes, laser tag offers an easier starting point for a beginner while still appealing to advanced players looking for a more intense experience. As laser tag continues to take-off all over the country, Adventure Sports HQ has all the equipment and experience to help you create the perfect laser tag competition.

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5 Reasons Why Laser Tag is Better Than Paintball

Can’t seem to choose between paintball or laser tag? Here are five undeniable reasons why laser tag is better.

5 Reasons Why Laser Tag is Better Than Paintball
#1) Hits are Automatically Tracked

With paintball, hits are typically tracked manually, with either the player or a referee announcing them. Of course, this often results in some hits going unnoticed (or intentionally unannounced). Laser tag differs, however, since it uses a networked computer system to automatically track hits, ensuring every successful hit is tracked.

#2) It’s Safer

The risk of injury from paintball is relatively low. According to a study published by the Minnesota Paintball Association, roughly 20 injuries occur per 100,000 players annually. Nonetheless, injuries do occur, most of which involve the eye. Since laser tag guns don’t shoot physical projectiles, there’s virtually no risk of injury, making it even safer than its counterpart.

#3) You Can Play Laser Tag Indoors

Unlike paintball, you can play laser tag both outdoors and indoors. This opens the doors to a whole new world of laser tagging opportunities. If you have a large basement, for instance, you can turn it into a laser tag battlefield — something that cannot be said for paintball.

#4) It Doesn’t Stain Your Clothes

You can usually tell if someone has played paintball by looking at his or her clothes. Paintballs leave large bright-colored stains that may or may not come out from washing alone. Laser tag, on the other hand, leaves no stains behind.

#5) You Don’t Have to Buy Ammo

Playing paintball on a regular basis can quickly burn a hole in your wallet, especially if you have an automatic or otherwise fast-firing gun. But with laser tag, you don’t have to worry about the cost or inconvenience of buying ammo.

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5 Fun Outdoor Laser Tag Games

There are dozens of fun-filled outdoor laser games, so if you’re looking to change things up consider playing the following.

5 Fun Outdoor Laser Tag GamesCapture the Flag

One of the most popular outdoor laser tag games is Capture the Flag. As the name suggests, this involves two teams who compete to capture the opposing team’s flag at opposite ends of the playing field. After picking up the flag, the player must then bring it back to his or her own base to score.


Elimination is a classic laser tag game that’s played either as a free-for-all or with teams. When a player is tagged a specified number of times, he or she is eliminated and removed from the game. The player or team remaining after all hostile forces have been tagged is the winner.

King of the Hill

Also known as Domination, King of the Hill is a fast-paced laser tag game in which two teams compete to capture and hold a specific area for as long as possible. The longer a team holds the hill, the more points they will accumulate. The team with the most points wins King of the Hill.


A fan-favorite outdoor laser tag game is Juggernaut. Normally, this game consists of an overpowered player, known as the Juggernaut, versus everyone else. The Juggernaut has perks giving him or her a competitive edge, such as increased health, more damage output, faster fire rate, longer firing distances, etc. The Juggernaut earns points the longer he or she remains.

Escort the VIP

There are several variations of Escort the VIP, each of which has subtle nuances. Most, however, consist of two teams: an escort team, who’s tasked with escorting the VIP to a specific location, and an assassin team, who’s tasked with assassinating the VIP before he or she reaches their destination.

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Children vs Adults: Epic Laser Tag Showdown

Laser tag is a popular sport with both the younger crowd and adults. Maybe it’s the thrill of the hunt, maybe we all seek adventure somewhere deep within ourselves, or maybe we have a deep desire to conquer. Whatever it is, people across age and gender love laser tag. If anything proves the solid dedication across all ages to a satisfying game of laser tag, it’s this hilarious Subreddit about a children’s birthday party and the laser tag game that resulted.

Children vs Adults: Epic Laser Tag ShowdownIt all started at a local laser tag park where a team of adults showed up for an afternoon of fun. Some kids were also at the laser tag park celebrating a birthday, and the two teams were set to face off with one another. Though the adults said they wouldn’t mind splitting up in order to make the teams more even, the kids insisted that they would win on their own. So, four adults took on a children’s birthday party of fifteen kids. At the end, the kids seemed pretty confident that they had won, though the scoreboard said otherwise. In the end, it was a win-win for everyone involved (though each team might tell you different).

If you own a laser tag business or are looking to start one up, please check out our state of the art radio communications equipment. With 1300 ft of range and the capability to program over 100 laser guns in one second, our equipment will give your business the leading edge. Contact us today to see how our laser tag equipment can help your business spread the thrill of adventure in your neighborhood.

How to Choose a Laser Tag Rifle

With roots dating back to the late 1970s, laser tag is a fun and rewarding recreational activity that’s played by thousands of men, women, and children.

How to Choose a Laser Tag Rifle

Why a Laser Tag Rifle?

While some players have their own preference regarding guns (also known as taggers), most agree that rifles are the most versatile. Laser tag rifles typically shoot the farthest and have the fastest rate of fire. This makes them an attractive choice for amateur and seasoned players alike.

Of course, not all laser-tag rifles are made equal. But with so many different types on the market, how do you know which to choose?

Choosing a Laser Tag Rifle

One of the first things to consider when choosing a laser tag rifle is the weight. Some weigh just a few pounds, while others weigh ten or more pounds. Carrying around an oversized laser tag rifle for the entire duration of the game isn’t ideal, nor is it beneficial. A good rule of thumb is to stick with a rifle that’s under eight pounds, especially if you plan on using it outdoors.

It’s also recommended that you choose a laser tag rifle with a self-diagnostic system. Basically, this means the system will check your rifle to ensure it’s working as intended. If any errors occur, the self-diagnostic system will reveal it.

Lastly, consider the barrel length when choosing a laser tag rifle. Longer barrels may restrict your ability to move through and “clear” areas in the playing field. On the other hand, however, a rifle with a longer barrel may offer longer tagging distances.

If you need help choosing a laser tag rifle, contact us today. Adventure Sports HQ is the industry-leading provider of laser tag guns and equipment.

Find The Best Military Grade Laser Tag Equipment For Sale

It is important for you to be able to find the best military grade laser tag equipment for sale. You may be looking for guns, props, and a variety of other things in order to enhance the overall laser tag experience.

How To Find The Best Military Grade Laser Tag Equipment For Sale

Explore Laser Tag Guns

Laser Tag Guns are an important part of the laser tag experience. You may want to choose your guns based upon the agent will that you cater to. For children, a standard Razorback may be ideal. However, when you are working with a lot of adults, you may want to offer assault rifles and machine guns. It can all be integrated into your laser tag facility, which can help you to offer more to your target audience.

Tap into Laser Tag Technology

New technology is available that will make it easy for you to update the way that guns fire as well as the referee functions. Depending upon the technology, you may be able to update approximately 100 guns in just a few seconds. This can make it easier to operate your laser type facility and give people a great experience in the process. You simply need to look for laser tag equipment that utilizes the latest and most innovative technology available.

Get creative and have fun with the military grade equipment that you buy. It will make it easier for people to enjoy themselves, and you may find that you have adults wanting to play just as much as kids.

When you are ready to search for military grade laser tag equipment for sale, contact Adventure Sports HQ today.

The Most Realistic Tactical Laser Tag Equipment Available!

There was a time when laser tag was slightly obsolete. Now the world is turning to laser tag for a realistic warfare gameplay! Adventure Sports HQ has the sweetest and toughest tactical laser tag equipment available!

The Most Realistic Tactical Laser Tag Equipment Available!

If you and your friends want to step away from the video games and get your blood pumping Adventure Sports HQ has just what you need. If you are a laser tag arena owner and are looking for a new and improved arsenal of weaponry then, likewise, Adventure Sports HQ has exactly what you’re looking for.

With top of the line laser tag equipment that is 100% made here in the patriotic nation of America you can bring a military based game-play to your very own hands. With new technology this product allows for the game options to be changed quickly on the tagger so there is no need to slow down. All metal parts give these products an amazingly realistic feel and a rugged nearly indestructible quality.

Adventure Sports HQ also offers bundles. With great prices, you can stock your players with basic 3-on-3 play, or even provide a full on the army! Providing the best laser tag equipment and customer fulfillment is our top priority here at Adventure Sports HQ.

As we often say, we’re not just here to sell laser tag supplies; we founded this business to help laser tag operators keep their customers coming back, and to make good profits. To do that, we knew we had to offer high-quality laser tag equipment. There’s enough cheap stuff on the market. We offer equipment that will stand the test of time (and customers) – and our standard warranty on equipment is two years, promises Adventure Sports HQ.

The laser tag goals here at Adventure Sports HQ are being achieved as we strive for perfection. Let us take care of your needs here at Adventures Sports HQ. Contact us and let our experts send you off to battle!