Start a Laser Tag Rental BusinessLaser tag had its start in the mid-1980’s with large indoor arenas and a mostly science fiction theme. Outdoor style laser tag soon followed once the technological hurdle of dealing with sunlight was solved. Adventure Sports HQ got its start building outdoor laser tag equipment.

The two style of laser tag share a common tech history, but have gone in very different directions. The “indoor” manufacturers continue to offer large vests, lots of lights and an individual style of play.

In contrast, the “outdoor” manufacturers have relied on more realistic looking and playing equipment and a team style of play that emphasizes the overall experience through missions and scenarios.

Over the past five years, the outdoor taggers have been brought indoors to create video-game style indoor arenas. With the addition of indoor play, equipment from Adventure Sports is in use around the world in indoor, outdoor and mobile settings. We have played on the beach, in the desert, in the rain forest and inside giant warehouses. Your Adventure Sports HQ Laser Tag business can literally go anywhere.


The question every new business owner wants answered is “how much money can will I make?” It’s impossible to answer that question exactly.

What we can tell you is that laser tag is a viable business with significant income opportunity. There are facilities around the world grossing in excess of $1,000,000 USD annually on their laser tag. There are also many laser tag operators who do much less than that.

What you make depends on you…your management…your marketing…your energy and passion. Operating a successful business is much more than a great idea.

You can rest assured that your investment in Adventure Sports HQ Laser Tag gear will pay for itself. Most of our operators receive a return on their investment within the first two years. Many receive ROI much sooner.
Laser Tag Rental Business



One of the best parts about starting a laser tag business is the low start-up and operating costs. If you begin with a primarily mobile business, you can begin with few expenses. Purchase your equipment and some obstacles. Add liability insurance, a web site and perhaps a phone line and you are in business. You can run this business on a part-time basis and easily transition to full-time when the volume requires.

There are a few things you should consider about your new business. Understand that while running a business can be a family affair, your customers will want to play laser tag on the weekends. Saturday is by far the busiest day, followed by Friday and Sunday. If you are actually running the events, expect to give up weekends for the foreseeable future.

Operating laser tag requires good communication skills to order and referee games. You’ll need sales skills to close new events and exceptional organization to keep things together.

That said, laser tag is a fun business to operate. You’re helping your players have a great time! You’re celebrating their most precious events.

Laser Tag Small Business Opportunity