Laser tag RF technology is one of the reasons we lead the pack. Our state of the art radio communications equipment that offer reliability, features and 1300 ft of range. You can control all referee functions, gun settings and feedback in every gun. This will allow you to program over 100 laser guns in one second. This amazing technology is yours.


Weight & Feel

Weight and feel are key elements in choosing laser tag equipment. Our equipment has had influence in design from Special Forces operators ensuring that our weight and balance is kept in check allowing realism without a clumsy feel.



Programmability is the Holy Grail of laser tag games. We are the only company that allows every laser tag gun to be 3 in 1. First, the tagger is a player unit. Second, the tagger can act as a referee control unit. Finally, any gun can be a master control game play controller.

Our programming has simple sandbox design allowing you easy selection and settings in seconds. The flexibility in our equipment allows you to spin on a dime and make adjustments even mid game instead of having to turn each gun off and program settings individually each time you want to change a game or get stuck with default settings that are boring and not balanced.



Looks do matter. The first thing your customers will see and the last thing they’ll likely remember is your laser tag equipment. At Adventure Sports HQ, we have a line of equipment that looks and feels amazing…from realistic laser tag guns to non-threatening taggers, ASHQ can give your armory a distinctive look.


Gun Cloning

RF (radio) and IR cloning is the ability to change any of the game program sandbox settings and instantly save and transmit those settings to all your laser tag guns. We are the only manufacturer that can program 125 laser tag guns at a distance of 2600 feet in less than1 second using RF. This is the world’s most amazing laser tag technology.

We give you the ability to change game settings while having players are still at their starting base. This feature alone will add to your bottom line. This one feature is stated as the reason people chose us over all other competition. Remember minutes equals money!



Why spend money if the company wont back up the equipment with a proper warranty? We stand behind our equipment with over 15,000 units sold throughout the globe. We give you a couple options: 1)  Return the defective parts and we send you the replacements. 2) Send us the laser gun and we fix it for you. Either way the only cost to you is the shipping costs.  Our standard warranty is 2 years long. We can be very aggressive because we know our equipment is rugged and durable and well designed not to break.



Quality means everything to Adventure Sports HQ. Our quality is second to none! We have resisted the path of paper thin Aluminum shells held together with rivets, plastic tubing and silicone.

Being a proud American made manufacturing company we use only the best metals, composites, and components in every laser tag gun we make. Our equipment simply put will last 4-5 times longer than another equipment made elsewhere. Investment capital is already scarce enough.  You can’t afford to make a poor buying choice.


Battery Life/Meter

Nothing will kill the buzz at a party worse than a dying or dead laser tag gun battery! Other manufacturers attempt to give you a battery meter but they are based on voltage not amperage meaning you will barely know if a gun is low on battery. A low battery leads to poor signal transmission and reception. This means your players can’t hit anyone.

Adventure Sports HQ uses an amperage meter letting you know how charged the battery is down to the minute. When your battery hits the battery warning stage (less than 10 percent) the gun will say “low battery” until it it charged insuring that players will never be left high and dry on your battlefield.

Distance & Accuracy

These are the two most overlooked items in Gun purchases. Many companies focus on all the glamor and glitz of their well themed and marketed website but fail to demonstrate the main purpose of the laser tag equipment. It is to shoot and be hit. Adventure Sports HQ has spent nearly a decade on its lens assembly both for accuracy and distance.

Currently we can hit targets up to 1300 feet at night and over 750 feet during the day. Conversely we can eliminate 100% of the indoor IR bounce or reflection. You can set any sensor to be hit within 2 inches of the target. This is all due to our incredible software and advanced programming. Some competitors use plastic PVC in there barrels with rivets while we use good old-fashioned USA Alcoa aluminum which features ultra high tolerances.

Don’t be the field owner that always has to explain the reason why someone cannot hit another player. We have been there. That’s why we started Adventure Sports HQ!



Adventure Sports HQ is constantly improving our software programming. We get wish lists and feed back from our family of field owners. They are our research and development team! To upgrade our equipment all you have to do is a simple chip swap out! One chip put an the new one in and boom your Laser tag gun is supercharged.


Props and Game Boxes

Adventure Sports HQ offers endless game possibilities with prop boxes and game changer boxes that add value and fun without breaking the bank! For as low as $75 USD you can get ammo, medic, capture the flag, time extenders and respawn boxes that can make your game the best in town. Unlike any other companies we keep our basic props simple and cost effective so you can actually make a profit!


Weapon Modifications

Due to the incredible build quality and design you can improve your taggers almost any weapon add-on or modification you can find. Unlike many of our competitors, we put scopes that are self-powered not requiring a tether that can break and allowing you to add or change scopes yourself. Don’t rob yourself the ability to freshen up your armory without having to buy all new guns and laser tag equipment.


Ease of Maintenance

Since the first day we threw away the other guy’s laser tag guns and started Adventure Sports HQ a decade ago we vowed never to use rivets, silicone or any bargain basement fillers on our equipment. Gone are the days of having to take 32 bolts off just to change a speaker. We design our laser tag guns at Adventure Sports HQ so that any repair should be less than 5-10 minutes, not the hours it used to take us with our old competitor’s equipment. We adopted the build strategy of better parts into the gun so less parts have to come out. This is another reason why many existing operators are flocking to our laser tag equipment. Just do it right the first time learn from our experiences.


Individual Tagger ID

Imagine going to school without having a name. It just wouldn’t work. Several of our counterparts haven’t grasped this basic concept and are still selling guns with no player id for the tagger. No player ID means no individual scoring, etc., — everything new video games have and people want. Adventure Sports HQ is the only current major manufacturer with this important feature. Not only does each tagger have a name but it can tell you the ID of every player that hit you.