Adventure Sports HQ has pioneered three primary business models
Mobile Laser Tag business: A business where you take your laser tag equipment to an offsite location. The operator facilitates a series of small skirmish battles over a set period.   80% of all laser tag businesses globally are mobile laser tag companies. The average mobile laser tag generates between $250-$500 for a 2-hour event. 
Fixed Laser Tag Business: A business where laser tag equipment is kept on location in a fixed indoor facility or outdoor battlefield. Missions are played on prebuilt battlefields indoor or outdoors that can facilitate between 15-150 players. Average revenue per player per day can range from $25-50. 
Drive and Drop Laser tag rentals/Add-On Business: A business where you take your equipment and drop off at a set location for a short period. This laser tag model does not have a facilitator and allows the business owners to drop several kits of gear off and generate multiple sources of revenue over the same period. Drive and Drop is more of a hands-off operations model that is very similar to the inflatable rental business.
Actions speak louder than words at Adventure Sports HQ Laser tag equipment. Put the gear in your hands and experience why we sell more laser tag equipment combined than any other equipment manufacturer. 

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